AirPod Pro Cleaner

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Are you tired of your AirPods not working? Or incorrect charging? Well here's your chance to fix it! Our Pod cleaners are sure to get the gunk and junk out of your charging port so you can get back to jamming. Best thing is, this product also cleans iPhone, Samsung, LG, GOOGLE devices

We have different sized brushes to clean the ports and the actual AirPod itself. Make sure to discard after each use for proper sanitation.

These tools can clean all AirPod models (AirPod 1, AirPod 2, AirPod 3pro), Headphones, USB Charger ports, Lighting cord charger ports

We recommend using the fan brush to clean iPhone Charger ports


Brand Name: The Black Market
Item Type: Cleaning
Material: Plastic
Material: PET+Plastic
Size: 65mm length
Feature 1: Cleaning Brush
Feature 3: Dusting Scrub
Feature 4: Dust Remover
Feature 5: Phone Accessories